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|| our little miracles || 2. orange ||
"When are you going to tell him," asks your best friend.
"I-I don't know, Shouka..."
"Well," your silver haired friend stuffs some tamagoyaki into her mouth, looking up into the sky as she thinks.
You sigh, cursing your best friend's ability to eat whilst you were in the midst of a dilemma.
"You've gotta tell him someday," she mused.
"No shit, Shouka," you mumbled as you took a bite of your own lunch.
"But it's the truth."
"There's no way I'm gonna tell him," you assert, eyes narrowing and head shaking. "He can't find out."
Shouka takes a sip of iced coffee and looks up once more, "he has a right to know."
"What he doesn't know won't hurt him."
"But still, Niji has a right to know he got his girlfriend pregnant."
"I-I know," you whimper.
The silverette pats your back and rubs soothing patterns on your back, "well, (Name)-chan, I hope you remember to make me the godmother of your child."
You scoff, "no way."
Your best friend pouts, "you're so mean~"
The two of you laugh, underneath t
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 13 5
|| our little miracles || 1. red ||
2 red lines.
There were 2 red lines.
That means it's positive.
I'm pregnant.
You felt your knees wobble.
You placed both hands on your stomach.
"This can't be happening."
Oh dear God, no.
"I love you, (Name)," he had whispered into your ear.
"I love you too, Shuuzo."
You were just a kid.
A stupid kid.
And what about Shuuzo? He was the star student. How would he react to this?
The raven haired teen looks at you with disgust evident on his face, "that isn't my child."
You had to keep this a secret from him. No one had to find out. You would find a way to kill this child yourself, without anybody knowing. You spied a pair of scissors on the counter. Your hands shakily grasped the cool metal, aiming it directly at your stomach.
But the child hadn't done anything wrong.
The only sin it would have would be yours.
It wasn't its fault.
Tears pricked your eyes and you dropped the scissors, holding your stomach tightly.
"I'm sorry," you sobbed.
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 19 0
|| the ruined ones || Kaneki Ken x Reader ||
He played it so well. The role of a shy, gentle, soft-spoken young man. You never would have expected it. But then again, a ghoul was a wolf in sheep's clothing. A ghoul would know how to blend in with society. But he had somehow slipped up. You had found out. You had half a mind to go to the CCG. To tell them all about Kaneki but you couldn't.
You cursed as you were met with yet another dead end. You bit your lip to try and keep your tears from falling. You heard it then, the sound of footsteps behind you.
"(Name)," his voice broke as he walked closer to you.
You only inched away, fear and disgust evident in your face.
"Please, (Name)," he whispers, "I would never hurt you."
"Don't come near me," you shout, "freak!!!"
He backs away.
"Don't look hurt and all that! Ghouls like you would never be able to display emotions like that."
He bites his lip, "(Name)..."
"Leave me alone already!!! Kill me! Eat me! Do whatever the fuck you want!!!"
He walks closer to you and places a h
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 44 1
|| knowing || Kaneki Ken x Reader ||
He knew it.
You knew it.
The moment Jason had locked the two of you up in here. There was something big that was going to happen. He had released Kaneki from his restraints, claimed he had business, shoved you in the room, and left the two of you in his 'playroom'.
How long had Kaneki been gone?
You forgot how long it was, when you saw him a surge of emotions threatened to rip through you.
Fear and horror at what he now looked like. Hair, a snowy white from all the stress. His skin was mutilated, purple, from the multiple times it regrew. His eyes were tired, scared, and terrified. His fingernails were black, probably from the multiple times Jason had torn it off. His clothes were mere rags.
He was a ghost of the former Kaneki Ken.
You wanted to hug him, touch him, hold him. But you couldn't. Kaneki, was obviously hungry. It was obvious from the way he looked at you. A kaleidoscope of love, pain, fear, sadness, desire, and hunger, were reflected in his grey eyes. The same
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 49 4
|| ashes (1) || Kaneki Ken x Reader ||
You're walking through the streets of Tokyo, hands aching for the familiar warmth of the silver haired boy you loved so much. It's been days since Anteiku had been shut down and devoid of your love and your usual spot you have trouble looking for a new place to unwind.
Home wasn't an option. Your dingy little apartment wasn't an option for you to stay at. It was somewhere you slept, changed clothes, showered, and studied at. Your mind flits over to your apartment, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, with a wan light illuminating everything, a little coffee table in the middle of the room, a small kitchen, a medium sized bookshelf, and your loving boyfriend reading a book. You shake your head.
Lately, it seemed as if Kaneki had been dominating your mind, even more so than the usual. It was normal for Kaneki to disappear for long periods of time. You shudder to think of the incident with the Aogiri Tree. How Touka had suddenly appeared in your shared apartment (with Kaneki) to tell you that your love
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 6 2
|| dark affection || 1 ||
DeArEsT (NaMe),
FrOm YoUr (HaIr CoLoR) lOcKs To YoUr StUnNiNg EyEs. I lOvE eVeRyThInG aBoUt YoU, sO wOn'T yOu Be MiNe?
-YoUr SeCrEt AdMiReR
Beside the note was a red rose. Usually, love letters would give any girl a giddy feeling but that wasn't the case for this love letter. It wasn't handwritten, it was formed with cut out letters that probably came from various magazines and books, like the threatening letters you could see in horror movies. Not at all like a love letter. You could feel shivers running up your spine as you read it.
Who could possibly send me something like this?
"Good morning, (Name)."
You tensed at the sight of the red haired male, "good morning too, Akashi-san."
"Lovely day, isn't it?"
"It is, please excuse me." You gave him a curt bow and briskly walked away, shoving the letter and the flower in your bag as you did so. As he watched you shove the letter and the flower into your bag.
A flicker of amusement passed his eyes.
"Adorable," he mus
:iconredandyellowscissors:RedandYellowScissors 15 2


A Dead Man. [Brothers!NordicsxReaderxPrussia]
                        A Dead Man. [BigBrothers!Nordics x Pregnant!Reader x Boyfriend!Prussia]
    It was the rudest way to wake in the morning, that was assured. [Name] woke up at her boyfriend's, Gilbert Beilschmidt, house and had to make a mad dash to the restroom. She had been feeling bloated, hungry, and nauseous the past four weeks or so, yet she didn't want to think of what that meant. You see, she and her boyfriend had been dating for nearly two years. Little [Name] was only a mere nineteen years of age whilst Gilbert was fully twenty-two.
    Because the age gap was three years- and at the right points in the year, four years- her brothers disapproved of it. They disapproved of any person, male or female, and thought no one was good enough for [Name]. Yet, the [h/c]ette truly loved the self proclaimed 'awesome Prussian', and refu
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 570 399
SnK!Various X Reader~ Pickup Lines
SnK!Various X Reader~ Pickup lines
Shoutout to celestialwolf88 who inspired me to make this.
(Warning: May lead to extreme fangirling, and contains mild suggestiveness)
    I dragged my way over to the courtyard for my early training session- one of the joys for being in the Survey Corps. As soon as I saw Jean enter my vision, I took the farthest route possible to steer clear of him. I took a small path drifting away from the main sidewalk until I couldn't see him anymore.
    I almost smiled. Maybe I can survive the day. I could hide in the dining hall- no even better, the girls restroom. Of all situations I have faced, and I faced a lot as a soldier, this by far was the most horrible. Hence my motivation to stay as far from the horse face as possible.
    He's not the only one.
    A familiar group stood quite always from me, backs turned, heading towards the training session that is supposed to commence in exactly thirty minutes. T
:iconsheerpoint:Sheerpoint 618 178
HP .:Prisoner of Azkaban:. by GYRHS HP .:Prisoner of Azkaban:. :icongyrhs:GYRHS 351 111 HP:TNG by Scolse HP:TNG :iconscolse:Scolse 1,181 77
[RQ] You Don't See Me (Erwin x Reader)
Thunder was rumbling across the darkening sky, heralding the arrival of a summer storm. The last remaining patches of cerulean were swiftly being consumed by dense, boiling grey clouds. All sunlight had long since been obscured, and the general mood from the weather seemed to reflect that of the Survey Corps headquarters.
You were in Erwin Smith's office, perched on the edge of the meeting chair before his desk. The Commander himself was seated across from you behind the antique desk, hunched over mountains of paperwork strewn haphazardly across it's surface. Absently fiddling with the edge of your sleeve, you observed him working with mournful eyes. You noticed how incredibly exhausted he looked. His normally healthy skin looked pallid, dark smudges splashed under his eyelids. His hair hung limply, disheveled and unkempt. The mouth that so deftly commanded hundreds of soldiers was now drawn in a thin, tight line.
Not once had he looked up, or spoken to you. For hours now, you had wait
:iconshingeki-no-koiji:Shingeki-no-Koiji 359 134
Tsundere Kasamatsu x Reader

"From now on,I will be your captain!My name is Kasamatsu Yukio!"His voice echoed around the hall,and Kise grumbled beside you.However,you weren't really listening.You were busy staring at Kaijo's captain.
His blue eyes shone,and his black hair was spiky.He glared at Kise a final time,and glanced at you.Your heartbeat doubled,and you walked forward.
"_______cchi?What are you doing?!"Kise yelled when you stepped forwards to grab Kasamatsu's hands.Your eyes shone,and Kasamatsu gulped.
"Freshman!What are you..."Before he could finish his sentence,you shouted loudly.
"Please date me,Yukio!"You yelled,and Kasamatsu's face turned flame red.
Beside you,Kise groaned."Oh no,not again..."
Kasamatsu took a deep breath.
"Imprudent!50 laps!"

You were forced to run with the Kaijo team,but you collapsed the first few rounds,and Kasamatsu had remembered that you were not a player,but a manager.When the Kaijo team had found that you were the GOM's coa
:iconcielwong:Cielwong 219 15
Mature content
White Stone - 2P!Hetalia x Submissive!Reader :iconredbaronessthe3:RedBaronessThe3 739 555
Mature content
late night paperwork. erwin smith ( lemon ) :iconyoomir:yoomir 631 96


Well, I've seen a few poorly written reader inserts, fanfictions, and teen fiction but I can guarantee this might be one of the most we...



See, here's the funny thing. If you feel like not waiting for Dark Affection any longer. You guys might wanna check out my Wattpad account since that's where I uploaded it first. 


As for Fighting for Her, since I'm feeling like it today here's a sneak peek. :)

Your eye twitched at the brunette. Who the hell did he think he was? Glaring at you and threatening you in broad daylight??? Well, you weren't going to run away from this challenge. You cracked your knuckles and smirked at him.

You gestured for him to go ahead, "come at me, Brownie!"

"My name is Eren Yeager, not Brownie!"

"Whatever. I'm not just going to stand here and take crap from you."

"Likewise, I won't be beaten by a person like you! We will be able to defeat those monsters! I'm going to annihilate every single one of them!!!"

You took advantage of his moment and rushed toward Eren with amazing speed. You twisted your body slightly to deliver a blow until you were hit by an unknown object.



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